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8 months ago

Principal:  Amber Eliason 

Assistant Principal: Michelle Russell 

Special Education Supervisor: Sandra Findlay 


September 5, 2017


Dear McMahon Families,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at Thomas J. McMahon Elementary School.  Our teachers and staff have been busy preparing the school, setting up classrooms and planning engaging lessons in preparation for our returning learners.  Now that our PreK and Kindergarten students have joined us we can really get this school-year started!  In the coming year it is my goal to provide you and your family with a positive and welcoming school learning community.  Together we make a team centered around your child’s success, and you can bet I’m one of the loudest in their cheering section.  To open the school year I invite you to reach out at any time to your child’s teacher or any member of the school administrative office or student support teams and we will partner together to support your child.


When schools and families partner together, research shows that students benefit.  This can be done in many ways including regularly checking students take-home folders, communicating with your child’s teacher, attending parent conferences and/or participating in the school parent-teacher organization.  McMahon School has an outstanding PTO and I invite you to come join us as we look to bring in more families and provide more resources for teachers and experiences for our children.  Our first meeting is Wednesday September 6th at 6:00pm in the school library.  I truly hope to see you there.


On the back of this letter you will find an updated McMahon Family Calendar which includes school breaks & holidays, fun PTO events and other important school dates.  One recent addition to the calendar is extended parent-teacher conferences.  Monday, October 23rd will be a non-school day for McMahon students.  On that day, and on two additional evenings, our teachers will have extended conference time to meet with you to discuss your child’s academic progress.  This school year also brings a new report card for students in grades K-6.  Being able to have longer, in-depth conversations about your child’s progress will ensure that together we can best support your child as they move forward in their learning journey.


If you have not yet done so please follow us on Twitter @McMahonTigers, like us on Facebook @McMahonSchool and join our PTO Facebook Group, just search for McMahon Elementary PTA.  Welcome to an awesome new school year, Tigers!


Amber Eliason, Principal


Teachers & Staff

8 months ago


Michelle Creps

Amy Gagnon



Jessica Blanchette

Scott Emery

Laura Grover

Diane Morin

Melissa Trider


1st Grade

Brianne Daigle

Jessica Kearns

Alexa Querry

Melissa Shields


2nd Grade

Val Golding

Kim Hamel

Colette Martha

Sharon Mitchell


3rd Grade

Ashley A'Brial

Robin Desjardins

Cassandra McGuan

Hillary Poussard

Joan Savage


4th Grade

Amy Burleigh

Katrina Denis

Elaine Gould

Kathy Jones


5th Grade

Eric Beaulieu

Nicola Donatelli

Sherry Johannes

Jessica Phillippon


6th Grade

Amanda Capen 

Kymm O'Brien

Sarah Pomerleau

Tim Smith

English Language Learners

Joyce Usher

Julie Hambleton

Charryse Brooks

Julie Landry


School Counselors

Rachel Gulezian

Elise O'Connor - Spurwink

Lussei Tsuji - Spurwink

Jacqueline Carpenter - Spurwink

Dianna Rogers - Spurwink Case Manager


Unified Arts

Todd Sherry - Art 

Chris Henry - Music

Dan Vachon - Gym

Sue Smith - STEM

Zach Lampron - Band

Gregory Boardman - Strings

BJ Jones - Library

MaryAnn Lopes - Library


Special Education & RtI

Sue Chapman

Kristina Myers

Marie Dickson

Donna Fairbanks

Kate Benson

Jamie Ciomei

Jana Bilodeau

Angela Cyr

Hiedi Lampron

Amie Sherry

Tara Moore

Laura-Lea Langlais - Clinician

Rebecca Sadowski-Babeau - Clinician

John Soldano - Clinician

Tom Hood - Response to Intervention


Coaches, Interventionists  & Gifted/Talented

Michelle Kearney - Literacy Coach

Deborah Skehan - Math Coach

Donna Norcross - Reading Recovery

Jodi Smith - Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

Desiree Spaulding - SPARK


Nutrition Staff

Linda Boudreau - Kitchen Manager

Barbara Allen

Faith Bowen

Megan Farquharson

Mikaela Kelley

Kyle Lebrecque

Cathy Roy

Office Staff

Theresa Jordan

Carleen Foisy

Kristina Anderson

Paul Laliberte

Karen Hughes

Abdirahman Hersi - Interpreter

Ken Strout - School Resource Officer

Mellisa St. Pierre - School Nurse

Shana Wallace - 21st Century Site Coordinator


Educational Technicians 

Ramona Lachance

Becky Lowe

Linda Nickerson

Mike Levaseur

Eileen Letourneau

Trina Beaudoin

Melissa Lavallee

Rebekah Stephens

Leslie Reed

Lorin Little

Katie Hummes

Lori Baizley

Katie Seguin

Megan Cavanaugh

Crystal Vallieres

Laurie Babineau

Elyse Conant

Ashley Gauthier

Morgan Proctor

Shannon Swanson

Patricia Grieve

Ken Nye

Liz Landry

Briana Lemieux

Bethany Roberts

Kristin Chicoine

Mary Rolfe- Elliott -Interventionist

Cheryl MacDonald - Interventionist

Amina Mohamed - English Language Learners

Jacqueline Small - PreK

Stephen Fairbanks - PreK


Custodial Staff

Jim Rubino - Head Custodian

Clem Bechard

Glenn Larkin





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