About McMahon School

 We, the Thomas J. McMahon Elementary School Community, pride ourselves on providing students with a superior education and an environment which is friendly, safe, and nurturing.  In doing so, we are challenging our students to maximize their academic potentials and learn appropriate interaction skills.

We strive to maintain academic focus and incorporate best practices and procedures in order to attain high scholastic achievement.  Fully realizing that not all children learn at the same time or rate, we make curriculum accessible to each child through regular programming or through modified programming.

We look toward providing opportunities for children to advance socially as well as educationally.  Understanding the world in which we live, learning to be a valued member of a group, and becoming able to accept diversity in one another is also part of being a member of the McMahon Community.

As educators, we are constantly working toward growing professionally and personally to enhance the jobs which we believe to be invaluable.  We hold students accountable for maintaining high standards, therefore it is essential that we do the same.

We recognize the importance of a strong community partnership and the outside contributions that can influence the lives of our students.  We move outside of our walls to embrace extended learning opportunities by being active members within our home community while fostering a sense of belonging and an understanding of mutual respect.

We demand that our educational leaders provide guidance, support, and a stable learning environment.  They must possess knowledge in the workings of an effective educational community and demonstrate exceptional ability at being team players.

We expect our students to be productive, hard-working, and self-motivated.   We expect them to work to their potentials and leave the school each day with a positive outlook and a deep sense of self-worth.  We care about them, we teach them, we protect them.  We work hard at making them independent, but when they need us, we hold their hands.